A Swiss army knife for global decarbonization.

Green Hydrogen - Hydrogen produced using 100% renewable energy - can empower industries around the world to transform operations and invest in a low-carbon future.

“Water will one day be employed as fuel, that Hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable.”

- Jules Verne, Mysterious Island

Hydrogen: Powering global economies.

A highly abundant and flexible element, Hydrogen can produce electricity or heat, and it can be transported and stored in both liquid and gas form.

About 90 million metric tons of Hydrogen per year are used in industrial manufacturing, refining, agriculture, transportation, power, and more. This “Swiss army knife” has widespread applications and is irreplaceable in many critical processes.

hydrogen molecules over water
Did you know...

Today’s Hydrogen is polluting.

95% of today’s produced Hydrogen is grey Hydrogen, which means that it was produced by natural gas, which emits harmful greenhouse gasses. Up to one third of global emissions from fossil fuels and industrial processes could be avoided by clean Hydrogen.

To make progress toward climate protection goals, emission-free Hydrogen is an ideal piece of the puzzle for a sustainable global economy.

Why green Hydrogen?

Global business leaders that embrace low-carbon economies should invest in green Hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen is sustainable.

Green Hydrogen is produced with electricity powered by 100% renewable energy. What’s more, the production of green Hydrogen does not emit any polluting greenhouse gases.

Green Hydrogen is versatile.

Green Hydrogen can be used to produce low-carbon heat or electricity, as a sustainable industrial feed, as an environmental fuel source for some transportation applications, and more.

Green hydrogen is flexible.

Green hydrogen is not only produced by renewable energy, but its flexibility and responsiveness can help mitigate fluctuations in electricity caused by renewable energy.
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Green Hydrogen is a reality today.

Renewable energy is now the cheapest source of
energy, making green Hydrogen cost competitive with dirty hydrogen.

We have further bolstered green Hydrogen economics with our advanced PEM electrolyzer technology and by ensuring a streamlined installation process and minimal capital and operational costs.

hydrogen utopian landscape