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The Ohmium LotusTM

Ohmium’s PEM electrolyzers use 100% renewable energy to safely produce green Hydrogen, a flexible resource that has the capacity to decarbonize industries worldwide.

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and scalable

Interlocking units stack to easily scale from megawatts to gigawatts.
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and portable

Standard modular “human-sized” units are easy to transport and quick to install.
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and durable

Built to minimize safety risks and withstand the elements.
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High plant

Standard modular units ensure higher plant availability and system reliability.
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Dynamic and efficient operation that responds quickly to intermittent renewable energy resources.
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end product

Hydrogen customized to meet varying purity and moisture content requirements.

*International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Research

Sleek and efficient design

ohmium lotus cabinet

Flexible standard modular design for project layout optimization and stacking for any application.

Advanced monitoring coupled with rack in-rack out design for optimized production and minimum downtime.

Efficient electrochemical compression to 27 bar (400 PSI) pressure without external compressors for enhanced project economics.

How it works

Our technology is based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis, which has been used for more than 60 years to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable production of Hydrogen.

During PEM electrolysis, electricity is used to split water molecules (H2O) into Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2).

electrolysis diagram


Water is fed into the anode.


Electric current is applied, which splits the water into Hydrogen ions (protons), electrons, and oxygen.


The Hydrogen protons get conducted through the proton exchange membrane to the cathode, where they react with electrons from the power supply to form Hydrogen gas.

The Ohmium® Lotus can help
your business operations achieve greater levels of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Why green Hydrogen? That’s a great question.

Find out more.


Increase operational flexibility while reducing your carbon footprint.


Stabilize your energy supply and mitigate renewable energy intermittency.


Power heavy-duty trucks and vehicles in shipping and aviation.
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