Ohmium Appoints Two Strategic Hires to Spearhead Growth of Green Hydrogen Business in Europe

Igor Nus and Melchor Gamarro to accelerate the development of Ohmium’s project pipeline for advanced PEM electrolyzers

FREMONT, CA, US, and MADRID, SPAIN 22 March 2023. Ohmium International, a green hydrogen company that designs, manufactures, and deploys advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer systems, today announced the appointment of two strategic hires. Igor Nus, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Europe, and Melchor Gamarro, General Manager, Spain and Business Director Southern Europe, join Ohmium to accelerate business growth across Europe and work with customers to deploy green hydrogen solutions. These appointments are part of Ohmium’s strategy to expand its presence in Europe with the establishment of legal entities in Switzerland and Spain.

As Vice President of Sales and Business Development Europe, Igor Nus will be responsible for building commercial opportunities in Central and Northern Europe. Prior to joining Ohmium, he worked for leading technology and manufacturing organizations, including Vestas, GE and Procter & Gamble.

“Green hydrogen is going to play a critical role in supporting the European Union’s (EU) accelerated green transformation which aims to produce 20 million tonnes per annum of green hydrogen by 2030,” said Igor Nus, Vice President Sales & Business Development, Europe. “It’s fantastic to join the Ohmium team – with the company’s advanced, cost-effective, and highly versatile PEM electrolyzers, we’re in a great position to help the EU and member states achieve their decarbonization goals.”

Melchor Gamarro joins as General Manager, Spain and is responsible for building commercial opportunities across Spain and southern Europe. He is particularly focused on providing companies working across hard-to-abate sectors (energy, heavy industry and transport) with green hydrogen solutions. He has over 15 years of experience working in renewable energy, including at Longi Solar, Prodiel and Abengoa.

“Hydrogen is one of the most promising ways to decarbonize and electrify the world,” said Melchor Gamarro, General Manager Spain. “Ohmium’s business and technology is backed by years of experience and expertise. Both Ohmium and the green hydrogen market are poised for incredible growth. Spain’s rich renewable energy resources makes green hydrogen production very competitive. It creates the potential for the country to become a hub for exporting green hydrogen to the rest of the EU and beyond.”      

"I’m delighted that Igor and Melchor are joining the Ohmium team,” said Arne Ballantine, CEO of Ohmium International. “Each of them brings a wealth of renewable energy knowledge. Combined they have more than 30 year’s experience working across the sector. The green hydrogen market is rapidly expanding across the EU, and by increasing our European focus, we will be in a great position to support the decarbonization needs of our customers who are located here.”    

Ohmium manufactures modular interlocking PEM electrolyzers that produce pressurized high-purity hydrogen, making it the ideal energy source for hard-to-abate sectors such as energy, heavy industry and transport. Individual, compact electrolyzers can be easily stacked to significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs and the standardized design enables rapid scaling from megawatts to gigawatts. Ohmium's patented electrolyzer technology features dynamic ramping capabilities, making it suitable to pair with renewable electricity.

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