Ohmium Announces Agreement with E4Efficiency to Provide Up to 52 Tons Green Hydrogen for Project in Southern Spain

Ohmium’s advanced green hydrogen PEM electrolyzers to help decarbonize operations at Huelva LNG Terminal as part of a European Regional Development Fund supported project.


FREMONT AND MADRID, SPAIN, 20 April, 2023. Ohmium International, a green hydrogen company that designs, manufactures, and deploys advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer systems, today announced a new agreement with Efficiency for LNG Applications (E4Efficiency),a leading Spanish energy efficiency company, to provide green hydrogen for the Huelva project in Andalusia, Spain.

The project will supply up to 52 tons of green hydrogen annually to replace the methane used in the gas flare pilot flame of Huelva Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)regasification terminal and other potential uses in the future. This will mitigate up to 343 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted each year - equivalent to the carbon sequestered by up to 400 acres of forest.  

This pioneering project is being supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Spain’s Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) as part of the Low Carbon Economy Call designed for electric power generation projects with renewable energy sources, named EFFI SOLAR GREENH2 PORTUARIO and the project ID is FD-ELE-AND-C1-2020-000106


"E4Efficiency is an innovator when it comes to the deployment of clean technology so we're thrilled that Ohmium’s cutting-edge PEM electrolyzers have been chosen to produce green hydrogen that will directly replace natural gas use on-site at the LNG Terminal. Ohmium’s technology will support Huelva LNG Terminal to reduce its carbon emissions by burning carbon neutral hydrogen rather than methane" said Arne Ballantine, CEO of Ohmium International.

"Green hydrogen is the key to enabling the European Union (EU) to take control of its energy future. Ohmium is helping to accelerate the deployment of green hydrogen across the region - supporting the EU’s ambitious climate goal of reducing carbon emissions by at least 55% by 2030. We are looking forward to collaborating with companies across the EU and beyond to realize the potential of green hydrogen."

Ohmium manufactures modular interlocking PEM electrolyzers that produce pressurized high-purity hydrogen, making it an ideal energy source for hard-to-abate light and heavy industries. Individual, compact electrolyzers can be easily stacked to significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs and the standardized design enables rapid scaling from megawatts to gigawatts. Ohmium’s patented PEM technology features dynamic ramping capabilities, making it suitable to pair with renewable electricity.



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